Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Answering Voices from the Past...

Dearest Catherine,

Thank you for allowing us to into your world. You do not need to hide anymore. Please do not hide because you have a message of courage, bravery and oddly enough, a message of hope. I have been in this place-- a place of fear and self-doubt, and respect the courage it took for you to post such a revealing piece online for the world to see. The very act of posting this revealing poem for the world to see shows that you are a brave and honest individual who has already taken the necessary steps to move forward.

Please continue to share such insights because when you look back, you will remember this critical time of your life.

We can all learn from the power of your example— that honesty with yourself and those around you cannot, should not, and will not be silenced.

Your honest prose gives me hope and it gives me courage. The very act of placing this online for the world to see shows me that you are; in fact, conquering those fears and lending your voice to give others the strength they need to speak out-- despite the fact that we live in a world that is often judgmental and unforgiving.

Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself. Take pride in your work, take ownership of your accomplishments; and know that you deserve it!

I always give credit where credit is due… and you my friend deserve a helluva lot... for being the woman you are, a caregiver, a writer, amd though you would never claim to be a victim, the secondary trauma as a care giver is obvious, and your true colors come through when you think no one else is looking.... Beautifully broken, perhaps... but definitely beautiful.

Do not be afraid. You are not alone; and you made a difference in my life today. Thank you.

With love, appreciation, and gratitude.

Elyssa Durant
Nashville, TN

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