Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DailyDDoSe™ October 11, 2011 by @ELyssaD™ Justice for TCFM (and stupid too)

October 11, 2011 9:22PM EST

Agent Daddy is currently trying to pass legislation that would make it illegal to be a Total Complete Fucking Moron (TCFM) AND stupid too.

He even tried to arrest some fuckwits using his old badge from his days as Deputy Chief of Criminal Investigations with the Department of Justice: Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

He was just peeved that he had to put up with some loud teenagers on the train after one of his clients boiled his hard drive to destroy legal evidence from his VERY high profile Wall Street Firm.

Agent Daddy & I don't agree on much~ especially when it involves the law, but we do agree on this little piece of fantasy legislation!

My father and I have very different views on justice. Especially white collar crime and corporate crime.

I personally feel it is more serious and has a greater potential for harm against the American citizens than most street crime. But he is the expert.

On both.

Prosecutor, Arbitrator, Defense (Judge and Jury) dating back to ABSCAM, MOVE, Five Squad and the War on Drugs.

From there he moved on to White Collar Criminal Defense and represented scum who make millions off junk bonds, Ponzi schemes, RICO, extortion and other shady deals that defraud the public and the United States (including the FDA) I could name names, but all you need to do is a little search on Westlaw keyword "fraud"

Daddy thinks it is a game. One he has played quite well since he graduated at the top of his class at Harvard Law the year before I was born.

As an expert in computer crimes, I went to him after my pc, cell and life was hack3d.

His assistant, Frank, a decent honest man who was wrongfully indicted and tried for RICO Conspiracy while working the under Federal authority of Drug Czar, Bill Bennett (Daddy's racquetball partner) and was acquitted the same year my father terminated all parental obligations. 1988.

My father petitioned the court and then signed off (as a Judge pro tempore for the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas reversing ALL support orders when I was fifteen years old. The court docket is dated August 15, 1988.

As the judge of record, even the most basic legal obligations were simply "vacated" and I have paid for it ever since. Health care fraud and abuse of process were established when I appealed to the Insurance Department and the Department of Public Welfare under a Title IV-D request.

All parties ruled in my favor yet none had the authority to override the bogus court order or enforce the $100/day penalty fee for each day I was denied a copy of my benefits book (EOBs) after I provided overwhelming evidence that my health insurance benefits were being used illegally for a variety of reasons.

I was accepted into a doctoral program in (ironically) Health Policy Evaluation and received financial aid offers only to learn that my taxes were being fucked with too. I was "randomly selected" for verification by the Department of Education (not so random) and the IRS and the Financial Aid Office demanded copies of my PARENT's tax returns.

Meanwhile Blue Shield Blue Cross demanded a QMCSO to treat a spinal lesion that in my thoracic spine that went untreated until it was too late to stop the progression of the degenerative condition that would leave me unable to write or feel my hands for most of my twenties and early-mid thirties.

Terminal liability and COBRA were non issues with out that little piece of paper (Qualified Medical Child Support Orders and all other legally mandated child support under ERISA, and other mandatory state and federal health care laws.

Frank told me the truth. And though I only met him a few times, he was the one who sent me proof of insurance and I beg each and every person who happens upon this hidden post to please start a legal defense fund for Frank and donate generously since he is the one who selflessly ran interference between my father and I to help me get healthcare.

After years of abusive legal bullshit, I turned to Frank when I learned how serious the hacking was and learned that my father was all too aware that evidence and legal documents were being systematically removed from my private folders. Documents he sent me from Munich that threatened to terminate all my benefits as a result of my parents' criminal negligence; and fancy financial footwork (FRAUD).

Last October a "do-gooder" listed me as a missing person after my cell was jammed and someone wrote a bullshit piece that was circulated by strangers who knew nothing about me or my circumstances.

They called the police because I didn't respond to a text message from a stalking psycho who then issued missing persons report and THIS made the news? 1. I don't have text messaging on that number. 2. Even if I did, I wouldn't take their calls anyway. Self-righteous political puppets and busy bodies that relentlessly used my story and blog posts to promote their own agenda (and I kinda drive traffic ~ 3/4 million