Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Projects

Just had a funny thought!

You know how much crack I could get this weekend? People are trading electronics in the parking lot for drugs. Too bad I don't smoke crack!

Trying to arrange for *worthy* charity to donate  my stuff to because I don't want these filthy crackheads to sell or trade my beautiful things for drugs when I leave.

I watched the property "monitor" take multiple items out of apartments after they mysteriously disappeared leaving all their belongings behind.

I heard they were deported by 287(g) but they could have easily been murdered or killed like the man who lived down the hall and no one would be the wiser since despite the OBVIOUS "foul play" the landlord didn't even know that the police found his naked dead body in the middle of January after he started to smell a little.

I wonder what happened to his things after they changed the locks three weeks later!

Dumpster diving is common place around here... Sometimes they are looking for drugs or prescription bottles to refill; other times they are hiding from the police inside the closed dumpster in the dead heat of summer...

But as sure as I'm sitting here right now, I watched the "monitor" take a briefcase, dishes, and some other items right out of their apartment into his own home.

Other employees took furniture, electronics and clothing away in their "Academy" Moving Truck (same company that moved me from one crime infested property to another) and the same "COMPANY" that collects the trash and mows the fence (true story)

I'll be damned if these animals raid my apartment the minute they think I'm gone and put their dirty hands on my property so they can get a rock or a few tabs.

I don't even care if sell my second hand TV for diapers at this point. I am *that* desensitized to their needs after seeing how they behave and operate.

One hell of a case study.

Participant observation sucks.

I don't recommend it to anyone who thinks it sounds interesting or exciting. It's not.

You may get a best seller, a movie deal or 15 minutes of fame, but you will pay a price.

I guarantee you will never look at social welfare programs OR human beings the same way again.

They simply don't deserve my help or anyone else's.

I don't regret the years I spent volunteering my time or resources to help the poor or the needy gain access to public resources and government programs, but I can now see that these programs are a total charade and do more damage than good to the community as a whole.

So as my time here comes to a close, I am both better and worse from the experience.

I no longer feel the need or desire to "help" people who don't appreciate the services they receive, and I especially hate the "agencies" who profit off government contracts and rake in millions through public private ventures providing sub-standard care and unfit living conditions to the tune of many millions of dollars.

In reality these "Projects" are modern day slavery and social darwinism and genetic engineering designed to keep the people sick, confused, and completely dependent upon the corrupt system by flooding their "homes" with drugs, crime, chemicals, and black budget babysitters like V who look the other way to keep REPORTED crime rates down so the police and the city don't lose their precious funding.

She gets it. And she wants out!

Thank god I haven't lost too much of myself from this "experiment" to go back to my real life and work on something more worthy of my time and energy than live in disharmony with these animals.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Now that I have my exit date, all I need is a title that can compete with some of my favorite authors, scientists and visionaries that inspired me to write this book.

Gorillas in the Midst, The Jungle, Nickel and Dimed, Bait and Switch, Orwell's Animal Farm AND 1984, Kafka and the Truman Show all mixed into ONE helluva game changer!

From an "UNDISCLOSED LOCATION" I bid you good night.