Sunday, May 9, 2010

Philadelphia Police at It's Worst. < but your not the victim.

speechless. it is difficult to even formulate a complete sentence.

this is not new. the violence the corruption, "the terror of knowing what this world is about..."

we fail to act. as a society we look away or we blame the victim because it easier than taking action and demanding reform and accountability.

enough is enough.

am i only person who is outraged?

disgusted and resigned.

despite overwhelming evidence of corruption and excessive use of force, violence and terror against the people of this country, we allow it to continue.

i will never feel safe in this country. i will never feel safe in this community. this little town.

i have no where to run to. no place to go should i need to escape the deadly violence that i know a times can be all too real.

i can not think of a single place anywhere that i might have access to. or even find transportation or an an evacuation if ever ordered to evacuate or should i feel the desire or need to leave all by myself.

i have no country. i have no rights. i have no reasonable expectation for anything to change today, tomorrow, next week or net year. i am trapped.

i also do not believe there is anything i might do today that will make things a little bit better for someone else tomorrow.
i will never feel safe. not here, not anywhere.

i  can not say for sure that i would call the police next time i was either a victim or a witness to a crime in my own backyard.

not because i am afraid to get involved or fear gangs or thugs~ because i trust my instincts, and know when something is wrong.

something is wrong.

something has been wrong for a very long time.

Just me,


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