Monday, October 12, 2009

A Formal Apology Upon Request

The problem statement: You tell me!

So basically, when a case mgr leaves, your file does not get transferred; it is simply closed or abandoned?

This also happened to me at OCA (according to Willis Farris, Legal Aid, MDHA, Metro AFS/Crisis Homeless Prevention, Crisis Intervention, MHC MANY TIMES, DHS and the DLAC (when it was still TPA)

No wonder nothing gets resolved. Heard on appeal, or resolved. Social Security, TennCare Appeals Unit, the DLAC all did the same exact thing.

There is a serious problem in this state with case file management.

I used to work for DCS. Those files weren’t lost! Neither were quite a few of the children who were suddenly MIA as they approached the age of majority. I personally reported to the location of several “missing” children, however, the Supervisors never bothered to return any calls or find go to meet the children. However, the state simply found it too inconvenient to be bothered with the time and expenses involved with coordinating post-custody services.

This problem was most obvious within populations at risk were those in transitioning out of custody. Expense involved transitional services several of the clients

Transitioning into ANY system of care has to be well designed, implemented. Evaluation is a critical component throughout the entire process and does not end after the program is implemented. We must constantly assess the quality of services.

The word “seamless” has no relevance here. Instead, we find road blocks to access transitional services.

No follow up, no appeal, no re-application option, no closure, no resolution appeals, or follow up. No wonder I'm spinning my wheels. I would like to know why my case cannot be transferred to another advocate, or transferred to another agency. Of course it makes more sense to keep it within the same agency, to maintain consistency and avoid time delays with appeals, releases and authorizations; but instead files are simply closed.

And I am always the last to know.

I realized that Ms. Duncan WAS my coordinating communications with MDHA since I have found it difficult to get a response. Even worse, it is NOT an MDHA issue. It makes things more complicated or me since they now have informal, incorrect information assessment from my old landlord and the three crazy ladies who I was forced to share an address with. Furthermore, I still don't have any more information about my finances and benefits because Social Security and my advocate also dropped the ball.

The woman, who sent this email, deserves a big, FUVM. MDHA has already disputed my eligibility since I simply don't have what I need to fill out their paperwork within the Ten Days permitted. They very well may close my file today.

I contacted Liz at Legal Aid, and she told my father has to mail me money to hire a lawyer. She actually refused to make a referral for pro-bono or other legal advocates for people with disabilities. She never even sent me a denial letter, or an appeal options. In fact, they neglected to read their own policy regarding open cases.

I never heard back from Erik Cole, John Wood, or Adult and Family Services, Crisis Intervention, Metro Homeless Prevention, or anyone at the ADA hotline. I hear nothing from anyone about anything. Why bother creating programs if no one is there to run them.

Discrimination in Metro must address all of Metro. Constituents, programs, employment and private religious charities. Even the Jewish Federation turned me down for counseling. They spent three months verifying their primary criteria for eligibility. They had two questions, one: are you Jewish, and, two: can you prove it? Seems like funding the JCC with benefits to the #homeless was not best idea Councilman Briley ever had. But I sure wish his Wi-Fi Bill had passed.

Homeless Prevention Programs must realize how difficult it is to maintain any stability. Especially a mailing address. All I have a website, and I can't even buy the domain. Regarding the official reason services are being denied appears to be more a social judgment from what I've seen, observed, and read online. To deny services based upon my parents income is absurd and ridiculous.

Perhaps they need a refresher course in Family Law and Benefits. Perhaps professor Rubenstein or the Employee Benefits Research Association to explain how these things work.

Can they actually refuse to furnish me with an application as they deny services, without a formal application? At least allowing me to apply or appeal since the fine print on their contract states they will represent me in any future disputes (the same case was thrown out in 2006) since the current dispute is result from the same case, Liz deserves a very enthusiastic FYVM as well.

A CLE course in Labor & Employment law is definitely in order, so Ms. Liz, keeper of all pro bono lists, referrals, and the only person I was told makes decisions regarding intake should be a little more embarrassed than she made me feel. That is why people hate lawyers: they are so damn arrogant.

So if "Liz," director, gatekeeper, and arrogant bitch, ever responds to my request made via Councilman Cole and TALS to find out the official grounds for denying my request for Legal Aid Services, I would be happy to go over there and tell her straight up what I think.

Any public interest lawyer who doesn't get the concept of the buzz words such as Termination of Parental Rights, clearly needs a lesson from a welfare little brat like me. There are very few reasons child custody files get sealed in what should be public record. Support orders don't get terminated before the age of majority except under extraordinary circumstances.

The fact that I am will be 37 in 3 weeks, and even I can't get a copy, gives you some idea of what is so bad, that even now the courts will not give ME a copy of my own custody file.

Yes, Harvard Lawyers have secrets. Federally appointed judges, sometimes go to extremes to hide them. It may be funny to all you fucktards who make jokes about the Jewish on welfare, but it is unprofessional to say it on a conference call.

Yes, terminated at August 15, 1988. So anyone who thinks I'm the sweet little girl Daddy loves to spoil, think again. If you want money from my parents, you will have asked them yourself.

Please don't push me on this. I've been on my own financially since I started working full time the summer before my 14th birthday. Locked out and discarded the summer my mother started dating a man who just happened to live on W72nd & CPW. Yes, the Rock -n-roll roll style was a hell of a lot more interesting than having a 14 year old who smoked the pot my mother was growing on the balcony.

So I worked full time to so I could eat at work (The Barge had really good lobster!) pay for clothing, because mom couldn't afford to buy me any. And when I needed to go on birth control, I paid for it myself. When I fractured my ankle, my father refused to take me to the doctor.

He told me straight out that unlike my mother, he will never tell me he can't afford it; he simply didn't think it was spending money on. I guess the $20 dollar co-pay was too much.

Years later dragged my own ass down to the ER for a fracture that happened when I was about 12. At 20, it finally chipped into my tendons since left untreated; I wound up in surgery and finally learned that I did have health insurance after all. Two years after that, I developed an extremely rare spinal condition that baffled the some of the neurologists and orthopedists in the country.

I applied as a clinic case to access to the National Spine Network for free. I lived in constant severe and disabling physical pain for most of my adult life. I developed severe OCD and PTSD after spending so many years under public and government investigations into MY financial records. The personal attacks were completely inappropriate, and many people simply assumed I must be delusional or psychotic for making up such a crazy story about such a well respected Harvard Lawyer.

After being homeless or the last 6 months because he refused to disburse my SSI income in a timely fashion, I decided to Tweet my way to freedom.

I want due process. I want due diligence, and I hope somebody out there might actually DO DILIGENCE for me and help me find a way to support myself and have HIM removed from as my financial representative through Social Security. Please help if you can. I deserve a chance to be free. I deserve a chance to be m.e.

It is October 7th. My deadline was May 8, 2008. I am requesting any all legal and social service workers to PLEASE come forward TODAY! I can't be homeless. I already feel homeless at home.
Btw... I now have a criminal record, as of yesterday. TYVM for adding that expired registration ticket onto my otherwise clean criminal background. I need transportation, printer, fax or internet access, and a decent CALM person to do the impossible. Let me live have a place to call home.

I can work if I can get through this, I want a job. I deserve a chance to use my experience to help get someone, anyone, the type of crisis & cm services needed to navigate this disconnected network of “services" Please help me with anything! Just please don't ignore me. This can be managed before it becomes a crisis!

I HAVE AUTO INSURANCE! Unfortunately, now I have expired tags. I need to update my voter registration, DL, and DHS files, and apparently my SSA since my fad never bothered to change my address after he told me it was done last month. I have no printer since the Dabbs people managed to leave all three outside in the pouring rain. Internet, fax, *signed letters of support* on my behalf.


I can't drive, now that my tags are overdue and my license was suspended yesterday since I could not print out proof of insurance.

It was emailed to the Dabbs computer. The landlord decided to unplug MY router. All were mailed to the wrong address (including my recertification for SSI, TennCare subrogation notices, MDHA app, and my DHS letter cutting off my benefits including food stamps & TennCare Someone do something, PLEASE! How many times must I say, "My name is Elyssa. I live in Nashville, TN. Please make a note of it"

Let me give back the taxpayers something more than additional fees to care for my sorry ass excuse a life. They have to pay all of it no matter how you look at it. Unless you help me get a job...

Elyssa Durant
Homeless at Home