Monday, October 12, 2009

Drop Dread Part II

Enclave: Drop Dread

Since so many people have asked why Adam Dread is, and why on earth he would call my father to complain about my blog... well, here's what I know...

I received a text message at 4:58pm on Friday afternoon as I was leaving Summit Medical Center. A local attorney called my father asking him to have me remove his name from my blog. Seriously!

I will be 37 years old in two weeks. If Mr. Dread had either the courtesy or even the balls to ask me himself, I may have even taken it into consideration. However, after 8 or 9 months of trying to contact him directly, he never once returned a single telephone call or e-mail. There is a very fine line between being unethical and being an asshole.

What at did he expect? That my daddy would ground me mentioning his name online? Unlikely. I think I'll let him sue me.

Clearly, Mr. Dread has some other reason for wanting to build an alliance with my father... perhaps he hoping to resurrect his career by returning to Pittsburgh roots of big money and the Heinz family fortune.

Get over yourself, Adam. You are no Superlawyer. And until I hear otherwise, it is still a free country. Nothing I said was untrue, and therefore I see no reason to make any modifications.

This is still America, and I have the freedom to say whatever I want. You are actually kind of lucky that the post went up via mobile blogger.

I'm sure you would not appreciate the formal report submitteed to the State. That one has details.

Now go play with your snuggie buddies and and maybe if you are lucky, someone will take a shot at me and all of mycharacter flaws. Oh, wait... you did that already.

Whatever... you know how us Dems can be. At least you’ll always have Friday's and your buddy AC.


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  1. Adam Dread contacted me and requested that you delete his name from the following:

    I think you should comply with his request.



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