Monday, October 26, 2009

The Powers That Tweet: Please Save The Internet

The Internet helped me get through some of the longest nights of my life.  

I am only one voice, and I am only one person, but it helped me feel just a little connected to the human race. During the silent hours in the dead of night, I can always find a voice to keep me company.

When there is no one listening, there is something to read. I found comfort in knowing that I was not completely alone in my krazy world.

There are so many others out who are forced into silence, and I need the Internet to feel connected to this world.  When we live in a society that is completely fragmented and near broken beyond repair, I look toward the web for a place to connect.

The Digital Divide is bad enough. The United States is broken beyond repair. We need to move forward towards this e-volution. Please do not remove the one lifeline I have left to the outside world. There are so many people out there like me deserve to be heard.

Elyssa Durant

Nashville, Tennessee

The Powers That Beat

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