Monday, April 16, 2012

Shut Up and RIGHT

Shut Up and Sing?

How very Christian...
How very American...

Music City needs to formally apologize for "banning" the Dixie Chicks.

The CMAs just donated $1 million to MNPS to keep music and
the arts in OUR public schools. We need to teach our children freedom, not

We need a chorus of voices in order to be free.

"To tolerate that which we love, we also must tolerate that which we hate." (quote & author TBN... it's been a long year!)

Girls, will you please come visit our city? Both democracy and the American Education system were designed to allow for diverse opinions to inform and prepare all Americans to be good the citizens.

All the newspapers are gone or going... the least we can do is entertain other methods of new media. Let's build our programs in cultural and media literacy. People told me it was a dumb major when I chose it in the early '90's. I respectfully disagree regarding the value of the research. I might agree when I look at the negative balance in my bank account.

I'm mad as hell, and not ready to make nice!
"Shut Up & Write"
(Media non-professional for hire: Cheap OBO!)

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