Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Police Report Amended to cover up Hate Crimes... Trayvon Martin RIP

Metro Nashville Police and Housing Authority accept NAACP membership card in lieu of State Identification and arrest one of two people with the same last name. Ronald Roan and Timothy Roan both reside on the same property hiding their true Identity in effort to evade police charges for Felony Assault and Grand Theft Auto.

Like Arizona, TN law requires State, Federal or Military Issued ID to help identify Mexican residents under 287(g)

As the victim, I resent being called to testify against another victim for procedural error resulting in multiple arrests and warrants that do not include charges for attempted murder and death threats.

Apparently the NAACP has changed since I last attended their monthly meetings.

Nazi propaganda may be illegal in France, but is "decoration" in my hometown.

"Cracker Jew Bitch" is onamove...

You can't play the race card to justify death threats for being a Jew.

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.

Former Assistant to the Governors Office for Minority Affairs & Recipient of Journalism Award on freelance series covering TN Lawsuit filed by the NAACP against Metro Nashville Public Schools for violating zoning laws (desegregation)

Crack-her Jew bitch doesn't raise eyebrows in Nashville, TN?

Send in the Clowns? Fuck that. Send in the Feds and the ADL!

The Cops are Still Clowns.
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