Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why I may be the next Treyvon Martin

Daily Dose, March 29, 2012

I was trying to de-escalate the situation with the local Police Department since I realize how much danger this city is in given recent laws to persecute Muslims and people who were not born in the United States 287(g)

However, after watching the violence erupting around me, knowing that I am the primary target [thanks to COINTELPRO agent provocateurs] and being questioned by the police about my twitter stream, I really don't give a fuck.

These people have no idea how they are being manipulated by disinformation agents, toxic living conditions and a system that is far more corrupt than even I imagined.

The "monitor" who controls the surveillance cameras clearly has some special deal with Metro because despite all the violence that broke out, he finds the time to threaten, harass and stalk me ignoring the fact that several residents threatened me after spooks came in and told people to stay away from me or they will "get in trouble"

WHAT THE FUCK? I have no history of violence and have never even been in a fight,I weigh 124 pounds and all these people are afraid of me? Do I "look dangerous" because I am quite certain it won't be long before someone makes another attempt on my life.

Much like Trayvon Martin, I was told police were on there way after a man threw a brick through my window and then chased me down the street.

I was on the phone with 911 the whole time screaming "HELP, HELP, HELP" yet the police claim they did not want to waste radio space to update status of my call to a Code 3. Are you fucking kidding me?

911 told me to return to the scene of the crime where I was assaulted a second time, and the cops didn't even bother to arrest him or take witness statements. In fact, the officer would not even step out of the car to speak with me because he did not like the way I was dressed.

Because no action was taken against the man that assaulted me and vowed to kill and my father (who just happens to be a former Fed) I constantly carry my iPhone because the cops claim they did not have enough evidence to arrest this man. They never bothered to check the surveillance camera and did not take statements from additional witnesses.

They did, however take issue with the fact that I placed a video on YouTube and were even more upset that I contacted a former colleague in the Mayor's Office who then requested an investigation. They sent two Lieutenants to my home; one was aggressive and disrespectful and was more interested in what book I was reading and my website than the facts of the case.

I was told that they would follow up with the other witnesses who would corroborate my story, and that a Special Operations Unit and Gang Unit would be contacted regarding the racial comments that became commonplace every time I left the apartment.

One man hung up Nazi flags, another started praying in Muslim and all hell broke loose in the neighborhood. I became a target because I was white in a Black neighborhood, and apparently that alone was enough to incite hatred among the other tenants and I feared for life each time I left my apartment, so the police told me NOT to leave my home. THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS.

The other tenants became more and more abusive and violent since they now had a new sense of entitlement because they knew the police would not take action.

It is worth noting that even after I left, the violence continued to escalate and one women was stabbed and several other injured in fights that broke out in the hallway. The cops still did not arrest the people who continue to live in the neighborhood, and some of them have shown up here at my new apartment to harass me and spread rumors.

The neighbors here have suddenly became abusive and overly concerned with my religion and it seems the writing is on the wall. They think my healthy paranoia is "suspicious" and I think their behavior is outrageous.

They constantly stand outside my window and scream at me and the "monitor" called the police on me after he threatened me and told me I was not allowed to go near a "white car." There were SIX white cars, two of which have no tags, so how am I to know which white car is the one who stopped me at the mailbox and told me that two men were knocking at my door and were here to beat me up?

I may very well be the next Treyvan Martin and if so, so be it. I am old enough and experienced enough to know that these people do not see the bigger picture~ that they are being used to as examples to bring down the police state and usher in the New World Order.

I leave these notes because I do not know if I will get shot at today, tomorrow or next week, and I think it is important to let people know that I have spent my entire life studying gang violence, and have fought hard against police corruption and discrimination so regardless of what happens to me, I do not want my work (or experience) to be in vain.

I am one of the good guys, and if you can't see that by now... then take some time to look through some of my publications which are systematically being removed from the internet by groups like Anonymous, Lulz, and AntiSec.

This breaks my heart, but I am fighting a losing battle. I am starting to question my commitment and given the communities response~ I am not sure if they are worth the sacrifice.

That's all for today. This is the Daily Dose for March 29, 2012.

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