Thursday, July 1, 2010


Date: 4/29/2010 5:20 p
Duration: 13:25
Ssa dc (Work)
North Eastern Pennsylvania general information line for Social Security.

I was informed that the TN Office (as listed by the state on Document
MCC Change Schedule: Dev 10Aug09) was closed.

TennCare Solutions : 1-800-873-3192.

Even though she claimed to have no information regarding the Health
plan change in Tennessee, she did manage to tell me that any changes
to my benefits are NOT a Social Security issue and told me to call the

Refused to give me her Employee ID or reference no. for the call.

Also refused to mail or provide any information regarding federal law
rights to legal representation. [Publication No. 05-10075]

She was brief, bitchy, and apathetic. Too busy to even log the call.
Told me to go to my "local office" if i wish to pick up a copy of the
publication i requested.

The one everyone seems to ignore: the law.
The one that says clear as day, that I do, in fact, have federal law rights.

$44 dollars round trip.  More than my food stamps, but less than my electric bill.
Completely oblivious to federal law and my rights to appeal. Or at
least, did a damn good job pretending.

I don't waste time with idiots.

So time marches on, as my life continues to stand still.
Tic toc...
     tic toc....

I have six days till day Ten.

Social Security Administration
SSA Publication No. 05-10041
ICN 459260
January 28
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