Monday, December 7, 2009


Grant Money Well Spent?

This is only part of the story... But definitely NOT all of it.

My computer, meds, printer, transcripts, and even my diplomas & Social Security card were left in puddles in the pouring rain.

 You were there Tuesday?
I understand that you cannot move your items today from the building but that you can over the weekend. I will make sure that the building is unlocked tomorrow and Sunday.



Please note that the photos are time and geostamped, so you may wish to reconsider the possibility that I tend to tell the truth, especially when my personal safety is at risk. Keep in mind, I have no history of violent, criminal, or psychotic behavior. .  Can you say that if the other three tenants?

You might consider running a background check the next time you allow an unsuspecting person to rent a room in a house that clearly requires more than just a $250,000 grant.

I believe in full disclosure.  It may not hurt you to let the next person know exactly what they can expect.

This is not what anyone interested in transitioning homeless would or should or could do to a person picking up the pieces that have been ripped, torn, flooded, from my life since I first agreed to give testimony regarding shots fired in a MDHA and federally funded property in March of 2009.

Maybe that NIMBY crowd has the right idea.  If only I could make back over to their side of the tracks. More later. On that you can rely...

THIS IS WHY I HAVE NO "STUFF"  no bed, no kitchen ware, no respect. all of my clothing is needs to be washed because it is moldy, I'm out of quarters.  this is not how a responsible, federally funded program operates. I read the HUD agreement.

Who is looking out for people in these situations.  Yes, I hear the crazy jokes, shit-- I make the crazy jokes. 
None of this is not funny. I may be crazy, but wouldn't you be a little unsettled that nobody, and I mean NOBODY cares enough about me or any human being to lift a finger to help. 

So here are the pics... how would you feel if you found all your belongings locked up in a flooded dog cage before you had a chance to get a truck or find a "friend' to help you move into a place of your own?

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