Saturday, May 9, 2009

Refresh Deleted Content x2

Please confirm receipt of this email and note that I have made several requests for EOBs from AmeriChoice and have had more than one unauthorized disclosure of my medical records due to problems with TennCare when they transferred patients into AmeriChoice and AmeriGroup .

Please log all requests for medical information and do not release any information without my prior consent and HIPPA compliant medical release.


RE: Confidential report: 6044


On March 7, I sought treatment at the emergency room and was asked to sign a blank release form for treatment.

I refused to sign a consent for treatment because they would not pull my primary care records which list allergy information.

At that point I was escorted upstairs by upstairs two security officers who did not have any employee identification badge or ID number on their uniform.

Once inside the unit, I tried to call my sister, [ommitted] (my medical proxy and emergency contact) to alert her that I was being at the emergency room, and they listed the wrong name and MR number on my ID bracelet. I actually had two ID bracelets on with conflicting information, yet neither contained allergy information, or medical history alerts.

Security would not allow me to make a phone call and used excessive force to grab me by the arm and take the cell phone out of my hand.

I explained that I had a medical allergy, and was intolerant to Haley, and have a lesion on my thoracic spine T1-T6 with cord damage and left foraminal nerve root compression at T2, T3.

They refused to pull my med records, contact my primary care provider or my sister.

They forcibly pulled the phone out of my hands and grabbed my left arm, pushed me into the ground face against the floor and held my with my arms behind my back.

I was then placed into an room with no emergency buttons, intercom, bathroom, fire alarms and forcibly pushed into a plastic mattress in the corner,

I was then forced down face first into a mattress on the floor,

held down by two men who used excessive force twisting my arms behind my back.

With my head still pushed into the plastic mat, and my seems behind my back, one of them removed my black leggings and injected me with an unknown substance.

One of the men returned a few minutes later to taunt me through the observation window.

The man who injected me refused to give me his name, an employee ID number, or the name of the medication I was injected with. He told me he was "self employed" and taunted me about through the observation window. He threatened me, and laughed when I told him that I hope he remembers my face the next time he looks his own daughter in the face.

He thought this was absolutely hysterical and made physical gestures towards me and kept moving toweds me despite my repeated requests that to stand two feet away from my body. He kept making rapid threatening movements towards me and removed his identification badge, from his uniform, and told me that unless I sit down he would be forced to physically restrain using whatever means he deemed necessary.

I am trained and certified in TAPS (therapeutic assault prevention) and I can assure you that there was nothing therapeutic in the way I was restrained.

I was then held on 6044 [2-PC: Two Physician Committment] involuntary from March 7 - March 13.

I have cuts bruises and injuries that were not treated or evaluated medically during my stay, Given multiple injections, and discharged without meds. They refused to acknowledge that I have an allergy / intolerance to Haldol.

I had a 4 day supply of Geodon, Klonopin, out of pocket.

Trazodone was covered.

Geodon costs 243.19 for an 18 day supply, so I could only afford a 5 day supply.

In addition I have at least puncture wounds from multiple injections, multiple cuts and bruises and abrasions, that were not medically treated or evaluated during my stay.

They are unable to locate the record for the second injection that I was given while unconscious face down on the plastic mat.

I now have 1 dollar in my pocket and my checking account is now overdrawn $123.00 due to the pharmacy charges that posted at midnight.

I am waiting for my Celexa to be approved at the pharmacy, since Effexor was not covered.

I have a primary care appointment scheduled for Wednesday, and must file more appeals. I have no fax machine and I am running low on gasoline. I am writing this email from my cell phone which is rather inefficient at best.

Kindly take note of this complaint and I will follow up when I have better access to a computer.

In short, I need Geodon preauthorization, med transport to pharmacy and medical transport to appt on Wednesday, 10am' Effexor prior authorization, a copy of my medical records from the psych unit asap, and do not feel I should have to pay $2.00/page for a copy.

I had to pay $54 in cash for parking, and this is all I can type for right now.

Thank you for your efforts to improve patient care and safety.

Sincerely yours,

Elyssa Durant
Cell 6154248810
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