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Staus: Halted in progress (yay me @ElyssaD)

I don't if know if you received this email. My netbook crashed as I as sending and it froze for 26 hours.

But I did the information for SafeLink program which is wonderful because my extremely "bazaar" and changes the cell service every few days without informing me. Tmobile will not provide information at all so I can't access email because they reset the password. Itonically, the ONE legal snafu with that lttle welfare phone...  the bitch fucked me there too... by claiming me AGAIN as a dependent in New York State.

As you know she claimed as a dependent on her tax returns without my consent or knowledge.

The IRS informed me of this breach since every time I went to file my taxed they were rejected by the IRS because it showed up a duplicate Tax (Social Security ID)

She claims that her accountant did and she knew nothing about it (if you could only picture my face and feel the sarcasm in voice as I am forced to repeat this information time and time again to any and all "agencies" who make inquired) she however does see this as a problem and refuses to file an amended return (cost $70.00) so once again I am rendered incapable of establishing independent (in every sense of the

In addition, my father, well... Here we go...

My father as you know agreed to be my representative payee for Social Security disability. Obviously that was a big mistake on my part and has yet to be resolved. Congressman Cooper's office totally dropped
the ball and said there is nothing they can do. I requested that reopen the investigation, and despite my persistent nice (which is both annoying and immense) they simply do pretend that I don't exist. Governor Bredesen sent an email telling me to call the President.

Seriously, are you kidding me?

So this is where we stand: no Social Security never received the money that received in IOTOLA account during the months I spent sleeping in my car or at the lake last summer.

And yes. I did spend a week or so at "The Mission" when I ran out of gas, energy, and hope last August. My father still was receiving the money, but did not pay bills, or release to me in time to prevent the inevitable total disconnection of any and all services (utilities) making it near impossible to re-establish service. They required excessive fees for deposits and past due balances.

As per federal law, my father, Marc Durant is responsible for paying those fees as they were a direct result of his failure to act in my best interest but also a breach of fiduciary duty.

Now, to make matters worse, every time they seem to locate the paperwork it gets redirected to the Philadelphia field office. So The US Dept of Treasury located the funds that were never sent "in error" some bank account (probably in the Cayman's or wherever rich people go to hide there money ~ note both the sarcasm and the simple fact that this is most likely true. It is sad that even to put in these little side notes to even use the one things that through this mess...

Dark sarcasm and a little bit of humor. I'm sick of making excuses for these people (mother: Karen, and father: Leslie Marc Durant) so I am laying it down on the table for whomever it cares to question and blame me for this "unfortunate" situation..

These are the facts. And I need to take a break because my fingers are getting cramps and my back is in spasm.

But I will continue to "the facts" out as long so that I can be free of the constant struggle to be independent, self-sufficient and EMPLOYED! This is absurdity and I realize I have people who do see the obvious truth here. Yet in the real world and the everyday struggle to be "human" continues.

My mother will always be #batshitcrazy. My father will always be #abovethelaw.
But I will not always have the strength or the ability to communicate effectively given my financial, physical and emotional reality.

I am aware. I am aware that this is too much for one person to handle and I don't blame those walk away in disgust and frustration because they don't understand the intricate details of the law or the immense emotional drama AND trauma that I face each day without resolution.

I understand that people need to believe that these are the ramblings of a mad woman. If that were true I would say by all means, give me the strongest does of anti psychotics asap. As I think most people are
starting to realize, unfortunately, these facts check out.

There is no treatment for the habitual and continued ignorance of the public at large.

It is not my job soothe them or educate them as in law, sociology, and "the world according to me @ElyssaD"

I do the best I can because I know how serious and pervasive certain components of my story ring true for a number of people.

I will do the best I can to fight that stigma and the emotional torture I live with every single say.

Godammit, I hope this thing sends. It is bad enough that I am typing all this shit on cell phone because AT&T wants a $400 non refundable fee plus $150 deposit, plus $49 for installation for internet

So in the spirit of which it was intended: Send, send, send!

and don't bounce back now, ya hear?

Wishing myself luck. I know these words are dangerous to some, especially in light of the guy who got arrested for sending out a threatening tweet. Yeah, ~ insert sarcasm about here ~ if you think my words are "dangerous" than you need you deserve to be scared!
(Laughs to oneself as I know I am not a physical threat to anyone but let's face it, if you don't get it you never will. And if this is a lesson is Social Darwinism, let the dumb ones live in fear! And to quote (without permission or proper citation to be added!) But "If this tweet offends you, probably deserve it!"

 @icpchad Yes. I am aware. Now format this bitch and enter it into your contest. I deserve win something.

 Maybe an iTHINGY or iNTERNET. Not just iWANT that is a legitimate iNEED in the world I live in.

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Crime, Crisis, Digital Divide, Cognitive Dissonance, Conspiracy Theory

This is me, just me

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From: Elyssa Durant
Date: Tue, 11 May 2010 19:32:58 -0500
Subject: New Microsoft Office Word Document

Thanks Stacy... I had a hearing at Social Security about two weeks ago.
Very depressing. It cost $44 to or transportation, and they already
reversed the decision now I have to go back again and file the same

I have not received anything from Section 8 which has me concerned,
and my I am a really difficult time with without internet, TV,
transportation.... or even a library w/in walking distance.
Especially with the weather this weekend... I had no idea until I
heard the sirens. and then of everything was closed... and in 'the
hood" it is cash culture, so of course ppl became very aggressive [aka
mean] fighting over bottle of water and at the gas station when they

my mother cancelled changed the password on the "family plan" after we
had "words" regarding well... really nothing... but today has just
been especially difficult since I don't have reliable phone service...
which of course is both a security and comfort issue for someone who
writes as a form of therapy..

I just this alert on my computer email... I don't even know where to start...
I received the invitation to the info session on WIPA that you guys
did...unfortunately transportation is problematic.

I have been receiving of lot of from people online... as silly as it
sounds there are so many ppl isolated and lonely. So I found they have
forums for ppl with PTSD and it has been very helpful to have eed back
that I am not the only one feeling left behind in the disability

Apparently I managed to reach a few ppl locally who call [my number is
public] to ask if I had any success with the housing and re-employment
programs. it makes me feel like I can be of some service to the
community... social services just got hear so I need to sign off but I
have received so many fraud alert that other people e.g., EFF and
other human right agencies have started to ask about my story.

All I can say is that I did write a review online for the Ctr 4 Ind
living at website when they were looking to for feedback
on reemployment programs... I also had an I usa today and the
hufffington post that made me hopeful and regret at the same time...
this is a recent post i got tons of feed back on... it is long, but
ppl really seem to relate...

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