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Manifesto d'Jour: CyberCrimes, Law, Aspergers and Ethics

Manifesto d'Jour 

April 25, 2013, 10:05:37 AM EDT
Subject: Re: Jude & Jaded

Morning manifesto
April 26, 2013
CyberCrimes, Law, Aspergers, Ethics

DRAFT on me iPhone 10:05am

I do believe that if we can prove CyberBullying  is a crime and that is the only reason I subject myself to the vile messages and images that make me physically ill and nightmares 5 years after it happened. 

If child commits suicide, people get outraged. If aspie gets upset or develops new symptoms or is afraid to seek treatment than it is because we "misread signals" or "have higher rate of depression, anxiety and suicide?" 

I call bullshit. It makes all the more reprehensible. It is criminal negligence if people do not report this kind of behavior. Especially when it is done by people who have a legal "duty to report"

Furthermore, if this causes damage to their ability to use public domain is both illegal under the Federal Communication laws, ADA and 18 USC 1027. 

I lost everything. 

The last 72 hours I regressed into a 22 year old who was willing to risk going blind in one eye than listen to all the morons who tried to bully me into a dangerous situation that is still volatile because it kept me from focusing on what needs to be done and my inability to stop pacing in circles until I wear myself out and fall asleep for few hours. 

I realize and act like a total freak and can hear people whisper or make me feel uncomfortable stimming of repeating phrases to myself to calm prevent winding up in the hospital because I can't handle the noise or bc I don't have comfortable clothes to wear, but I had to go with my gut and realize that if I don't speak up and try to make people understand how much has been lost in that time, they. Win. 

And after so many years, people see posts from five years ago and use it as justification to harass me now. 

I walk a fine line every second of every day. 

Yes, I would rather people see all of the wonderful articles I have written, but instead they see all of the fake d0x and embarrassing letters from my mother doing what Leah is doing to you. 

I know this is long winded and hope you are following the logic, but, as a 40 year old woman with multiple degrees form the Ivy League and a pretty decent résumé my mother claimed me as a dependent on her taxes when I was living on my own for 16 years. She claimed adult dependent child and refused to amend so I could get my benefits reinstated. 

Six months ago she nearly killed me in her 60,000 car and WATCHED as her new (6 foot plus militant new husband) stood over my bed and broke my only lifeline because he did not like my music or the sound of my voice. 

My mother stood in corner and watched and after he leaves tells me, "I'll slap you in the fucking head if I lose my home because of you." 

Then she leaves and I call two NTs in nearby and ask if I can crash for a few days at a hotel to stay safe. 

"'MY SON HAS AUTISM. I CAN'T AFFORD TO blah blah blah" 

In the next breath he posts my name on his website so he could exploit my work and appear legitimate resource for ASD when they did nothing to help me find resources or job since that would keep me from the brilliant work I did for charity event that never even took place. 

Then, I actually donated $25 to their pseudo charity (anonymous donation but I have receipt) only to find out they are exploiting others with ASD and have no 501c3, business license or accreditation to train people on anything other than how to be a shady, creepy parent who solicits donations on FaceBook for his son who is unable to speak or use toilet at 15 years old. 

I was outraged. I could not believe they were taking advantage of this horrible situation to gain knout and more Leah's to keep tell me that I am the bully when I expose the scam and refuse to approve a PR stunt to gain what he *thinks" is creds and respect for being a hero dad on GMA. 

Well, I don't think that makes a hero or a man if he needs to prey on the weak and the sails using MY words with Obama's face in a PSA. 

I was good enough to;

do the work (for free) 

Get them tons of web traffic to trend on google

Looked good on paper with letters after my name 

had access to people with deep pockets and good PR

Gave them the appearance of "hiring" people with ASD so they could appeal to anti AutismSpeaks crowd

BUT, I wasn't deemed good enough to step in when Obama and Jenny McCarthy declined to make a statement to public about Autism ?? 

When i saw the statement that I made without permission, citation, or credit, I hit the fucking roof. I quit immediately. 

Then I get flood of DMs offering everything money if I went along with the charade promising followers on twitter? 

HELLO? Wake the fuck up. I don't give fuck if you have 10,000 or 200,000 followers who are willing to post bullshit and lies all over the web. 

In fact, the idea that these people are SO pathetic that they need to exert their "influence" using these tactics is so much MORE pathetic, opportunistic, offensive and sad. 

It is totally defeats the purpose because they use that influence to silence anyone who is either brave or stupid enough to stand refuse to comply. 

This is Nazi science 101. 

(Hope You are following thus far because my arms really hurt)

So, I start tweeting (thinking outlod) the way I do when I need to hear click of keyboard and heat my own voice say the words out loud as I pace until they come out sounding just right. 

Gonna have to take break because I have been writing these words and concepts for years and will eventually put the pieces all together if I ever get a computer I can figure out how to use)

I waited, and waited and waited for years to see if anyone would ever see the pain and the logic of this ridiculous role I have taken on and uncover the message I am trying to put out there for future generations when they attempt to make sense out such a "virtual" reality that will either kill me or save me if I can get off this rock (or at times make it through the day without wishing I will find something to make this life worth living again. 

Many people have told me that the world would be better off if I had nerve been born or I would just kill myself since they feel I am less than human and don't deserve to eat or have Internet or medical care since I am  apparently THAT much of a financial burden on society. 

Guess what. Yes, I want to die. Yes I am impulsive, compulsive, and self righteous BUT my logic is flawless given the right tools and opportunity to make my petty existence tolerable on the off chance that future generations or alien life forms will realize that I am different and "crazy" but one hell of a friend when the shit hits the fan. 

I gotta go. I haven't slept more than 4-6 hours since my mother showed up and tried to take me to the ER so she could show off her parenting skills and have one more reason to gain sympathy and jeers from her friends or hit pay dirt and   convince doctors or herself that I am causing her problems and try to stick me in a facility like Credemore so she can collect the insurance she took out on me the day before I moved in. 

Better off dead? Maybe. 

Willing to pull the trigger? Not on your fucking life. I would not give then the satisfaction. 

And for every person who does not stand with me or will use this as more "proof" that I don't deserve to breathe or use the Internet to distract, numb, or inspire others by refusing to just disappear doesn't appreciate what I giving back to anyone who wants to know why I do what I do. 

Over. And over. And over again. Until somebody listens. Or I find another way to entertain myself!!

Yes. I have video. And it ain't pretty after walking home from the hospital in 80 weather wearing black pants and the only sweater that fits. 

 Maybe I'll get online and order myself a pink Tank top off JadedExposure

You would think the bastard would give me one for free. But oh no. Can't have the real Elyssa on the air. It would ruin the show if they actually aired my response and statement when I answered the phone and dun. They did not even use block on caller ID.

Those bitches need to die. 

That is the DailyDDoSe April 26, 2013

Just me,



On Apr 25, 2013, at 7:35 AM, AK wrote:

Yes, it should all be addressed legally. Leah, Heather, Ariane, Ib and others should have criminal records too. Leah should not be allowed to be a teacher running classrooms of kids. But the authorities will never get involved in blog wars and online bullying unless it turns to violent crime. I'd like to make some kind of Internet self-policing system, but I don't know how it would work. I've been so stressed from thinking about all of this that it is hard to concentrate on anything anymore. It is affecting my ability to survive, and they will never be brought to justice.

On 04/24/2013 11:24 PM, Elyssa  wrote:

Just me,



Begin forwarded message:

From: [omjtted]
Date: April 25, 2013, 1:14:47 AM EDT
To: Elyssa 
Subject: Re: Jude & Jaded

Dear ^ed,

 Yeah, I've seen jaded's crap before. So sorry but this is a form of cyberbullying that should be addressed via legal channels. Ugh! 

Ad hominem attacks are common amongst the idiot set. Hope all is well in your mental universe. These people are nowhere. ;) Be of good cheer?
Luv ya...

Your friends,

V & Krewe

PS: Sorry about the belated response. Haven't been to email for many a day.

On 4/22/13, Elyssa  wrote:
JadedSecurity » Who is Elyssa Durant??
Just me,

“…a statute which either forbids or requires the doing of an act in
terms so vague that men of common intelligence must necessarily guess
at its meaning and differ as to its application violates the first
essential of due process of law.” United States Supreme Court,
Connally v. General Const. Co,. 269 U.S. 385 (1926)

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