Thursday, June 28, 2012

If you see something suspicious, report it!

Uploaded by elyssadurant on Feb 20, 2012

Most have no tags or temporary tags... But the latest weapon of mass deception are vehicles that have TWO tags from different states!

Specifically Tennessee and Kentucky.

Black Army? Heroes? Hell NO!

Only cowards have to hide behind bullet proof glass and opaque black tinted windows.

Go USA! God bless America!

This is some of the creepiest shit I have ever seen but was unable to upload live footage since my internet suddenly got disconnected.

Garbage Trucks with liquid tanks using hoses and flashlights in back alleys; hiding behind dumpsters; turning off headlights to avoid detection?


School buses and taxis parked for hours with strobe lights using GPS 4D technology for surveillance -- that is fed to four separate locations and stored on USB!

All utility companies now have sub-contractors rewiring shit without any ID, temporary tags and plates from multiple states... No way to verify identity caught on film jumping out of running vehicles and cutting wires at utility poles?



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You're all fucking suspicious! Especially the Cops! ;)

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