Friday, November 18, 2011

Metro Nashville Police using cointelpro agents to "Occupy Nashville"

Metro Nashville Police Department continue to cover up crimes by failing to follow established code of conduct in lower income neighborhoods.

Some power hungry police officer demands to search my iPhone after he notices I am video taping the MNPD who took three hours to respond to multiple neighbors call 911 after witnessing multiple violent assaults against two women and one man on Monday evening.

I called 911 after two people approached my window threatening my life for being a "cracker Jew bitch" and threw a brick through my window where I was working on two projects about Cointelpro as a driving force behind the Occupy movement that is being funded by The American Nazi Party and the Lucis Trust.

I was interviewing someone who had been involved with Nazi medical experiments and how it effected his four children who suffer with a variety of neurological and psychological problems that are typical of victims of Mengele's subjects.

I had just received notification from the copyright office (USTPO) in Virginia that my submission was approved and was thrilled to learn that my publications would be protected under trademark and copyright laws since I received several take down notices that my publications were being removed due to the sensitive nature (and my vast knowledge) about the true purpose of organized, controlled opposition as a driving force to escalate domestic unrest designed to incite violence justifying a Police State ushering in the New World Order.

A cop came running after me, demanded to see my cell phone and after running my license to check for warrants (which seemed extreme) and finding none, he wrote up an incident report for "suspicious behavior" for video taping a crime scene, then releases the suspect claiming there is not enough evidence???

Refuses to take witness statements; refuses to reveal name or badge number and another violent criminal continues to terrorize and assault three individuals within minutes of being released.

No evidence? Check the fucking surveillance cams just above the the scene of the crime.

Hell, check MY surveillance cam! I don't leave home without it!



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