Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Enclave: No, Really. I'm Serious... Just Drop Dread!

Enclave: No, Really. I'm Serious. Just Drop Dread.

Don't worry, I believe you. I never doubted for a second that there would be a Part II.

At least Mr. Dread had the courtesy to correspond with you directly. He called my Daddy in Pennsylvania to tattle on me! 

What did he think my father would do? Ground me?  I'm thirty-seven years old.

I'm not the only who thinks this city would be a better place had we dropped Dread from the political landscape long ago.

Must be that dreaded midlife crisis I heard about so much about.

Mr. Dread does a great disservice to our community by creating conflict rather than cohesion.  Community leaders should strive to unite and strengthen all members of the city.

Adam Dread is precisely the type of person who is more interested in promoting his own personal agenda than the people who live and work in our community each and every day. 

Thank god he is out of office.

I knew I couldn't be the only one who got in the way of his ego. 

Taking the juvenile approach to gain access to my family and THEIR business is just pathetic. Calling my parents law firm to complain about my blog seems a little bazaar considering he had no qualms about calling my cell at 3:30am.

By calling my daddy, Marc Durant, Mr. Dread's telephone call was clearly more about his desire to be among the elite while simultaneously feeding his appetite for discourse and destruction.

So I'm with you.  Seriously... just drop Dread!

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