Friday, November 19, 2010

Street Level Bureaucrat and Local Policy: Is One World Government a Good Idea

Can one world government be a good idea?

So I'm watching this video thinking... oy what do I know about "carbon credits" not much... but I do know about planning for a better tomorrow...  reforestation is something I became familiar with at a very young age because as a gift we would "plant a tree in Israel."  Planning. Did they know something I didn't know... that the world was headed towards destruction and we would need trees to make Oxygen when the shit hit the fan... eg... BP Oil Spill?

But there is a deeper message... one that I have been writing about for a long time. I went through something most people can't imagine. You can check old blog posts or  Reality BYTES  for the ugly details, but what I noticed was that my community virtually [no literally] turned their backs on me.  Why? Because I put a face on human tragedy. This is counter intuitive because I was an active member of the community... held jobs at prestigious institutions and worked for the Government in a number of contract positions.

Yet the community marginalized, ignored, and ridiculed me. People I had known for years... it hurt. It cut so deep I never dreamed of such betrayal.  But what did I learn?

I learned that these community members needed to view me as a statistic so they could go about living their every day lives. So I lived in isolation because no one could look me in the eye or had the decency to pick up the phone and see if I was okay after a widely publicized crisis following a shooting in my apartment complex and a physical assault.

So when Mike talks about helping your neighbors...  I understand that because Charity begins at home. But when we are too busy pinning left against right, placing blame and feeding the green monster of jealousy... well... that just doesn't work for me.

In theory my community should have stepped in but they didn't. Why? I dunno???

Perhaps it was too close to home... ya know if it could happen to me it could happen to them.  And I won't be there to pick up the pieces as I have been in the past. Drowning in Apathy

See this experience violated every sacred belief that I had!  Charity Begins at Home! <<< READ!

And this is what Mike is saying!  The local community is better equipped to handle local crises and have the right to do their own urban planning because they know better than anyone what THEIR community NEEDS!

The only way my so called "community" was able to allow this to happen was to put some kind of something [know words for the degree of apathy] but they needed to view me as someone different from themselves. This simply was not true in the ways that matter, and now it is too late.

Mike talks about a one world government being unsuccessful... is this not any different from the concepts of LEAs and local politics? Do the feds and FEMA really know what we need at the local level? Me thinks not.

If you want change at the local level you go to people who love there not some distant government who is out of touch with reality.  You go to the STREET LEVEL BUREAUCRAT! 

You have a crisis, you go to someone who has survived a crisis!

And don't let them fool you into believing that this is a partisan issue. Listen to the video again...  they are playing both ends against the middle cultivating hatred and jealousy. There is no left, there is no right. And war does not show who is RIGHT only who is LEFT! 

That's all for now...

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  1. Thanks Elyssa. I agree whole heartedly with your word and Michaels video. We need to reach across the fences that divide us and become a stronger force that is united in creating a peaceful home for all of us and to help us realize and recognize the dark intent that would have us fight each other by creating competition instead of cooperation. Love and best wishes and peace for all mankind in your lifetime.


Elyssa D. Durant, Ed.M.