Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nashville,TN: Social Serivces Uses Federal Funds to pay for MDHA Errors

Nashville, Tennessee.

MDHA pays thousands in rent unaware that the tenant has been homeless for four months, because and legal aid refuses to provide assistance to assist client with disability resources.

Social service worker and and state employee becomes homeless after being evicted from a federally funded housing facility.

Federal funds prove more costly for the state as the number of homeless increase in Tennessee. Federal Stimulus Funds are not allocated for job training or social services to prevent homelessness.

Loses job as a substitute teacher in Metro Nashville after Legal Aid fails to provide a referal or pro-bono assistance for to assist with eviction proceedings, court costs, re-employement, access to transportation and job training for community access programs and services for people wit disabilities.

My name is Elyssa.

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