Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Corporation

Pass it around... Kinda speaks to Copenhagen in one voice...

I was wondering what it must be like to live outside the us. This letter to me from Kevy came from New Zealand, so I thought to show support for Copenhagen, I would pass around so we share our experience with each other.

I passed it to South Africa, and my dear friend with the following request: What is it like where you live? We always awful stories about South African apartheid, but look at we treat each other in the States?

But I wound up here...

At the same time we have audacity to go abroad to police the world while we simultaneously deplete their natural resources, exploit their values, destroy their economies and their ability to become sustainable as indigenous cultures.

In doing so, they become enslaved to our corrupt economy that is run by a few elite corporations. The blue chips that profit thrive during times of war and desperation. The corporation feeds off the poverty and hunger.

Through poverty, neglect, and poor living conditions they become dependent upon an artificial culture that is unhealthy and impure.

The indigenous are fed then artificial diet and toxins are introduced into the natural environment causing illness and disease.

Because it was the corporation that first introduced the substance into the natural environment, it is only natural that corporation holds the cure.

Fuck you Big Pharma. You suck.

Sincerely yours,

John Q. Public


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